MDS for Grade 9 (3AL-2.5V) Titanium

Primarily the high strength tubing alloy. It is used in a wide variety of products that require light weight, high strength tubing.  Available in two conditions, annealed and cold worked stress relieved (cwsr). Annealed has a lower tensile strength than CWSR, but has better forming capabilities. CWSR is stronger, but does not form as well as annealed.

Chemistry Limits (%)  
Al 2.50 - 3.50  
V 2.00 - 3.00  
O2   Max 0.12  
Fe  Max 0.3  
H2  Max 0.015  
C    Max 0.05  
N2  Max 0.02  
Mechanical Properties
  Annealed Condition Cold Worked and Stress Relieved
Ultimate Tensile Strength - ksi 90 125
Yield Strength - ksi 70 105
Elongation % 15 10
Physical Properties  
Density (lbs/in3) 0.162  
Elastic Modulus (x106 psi) 14.5  
Beta Transus Temp (oF) 1715  
Weldability Good