MDS for Grade 5 (6AL-4V) Titanium

The most widely used of all titanium alloys. Refered to as the "work horse" grade, Ti-6-4 is most commonly found in the annealed condition. This is the common high strength, light weight alloy used for sheet, plate, bars, weld wire and fasteners. It is heat treatable.

Chemistry Limits (%)
Al 5.5 - 6.75
V 3.5 - 4.5
O2   Max 0.2
Fe  Max 0.4
H2  Max 0.015
C    Max 0.1
N2  Max 0.05
Mechanical Properties  
Guaranteed Minimum Annealed Condition
Ultimate Tensile Strength - ksi 130
Yield Strength - ksi 120
Elongation % 10
Physical Properties
Density (lbs/in3) 0.16
Elastic Modulus (x106 psi) 16.5
Beta Transus Temp (oF) 1830
Weldability Fair